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Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

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Bill Nye uses the power of Twitter to answer some common science questions.

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Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

Starring: Bill Nye

49 thoughts on “Bill Nye Answers Science Questions From Twitter | WIRED

  1. Bill missed an opportunity.

    “u free for dinner?”

    “Of course I am, I’m am American.”

  2. Hey bill nye if you’re so confident in global warming why do you think that all people who don’t believe in it should be jailed?
    (You don’t have to be on either side of the argument to think that’s ridiculous)

  3. He’s actually a scientist, I thought this was a joke and that he is just a comedian, I guess you can only trust google 😂😂😊

  4. People buy Organic because they don’t yet trust GMOs. How long did we trust Red M&Ms before we realized they were bad? Tobacco? We have a long history of trusting things, and then discovering that in the long term, symptoms eventually manifest that are negative. We have less than one human lifetime of study suggesting GMOs are safe, and we’re assuming without proof that GMOs are safe in the long term. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t, we have no actual idea.

  5. If we resurrect extinct species… Where do they GO, without disrupting an ecosystem that has adapted to live without them? Where does a Woolly Mammoth go in our current world to live, on its own, without altering the existing ecosystem?

  6. What makes a planet a planet? Pluto’s history suggests that it is having scientists agree on it.

  7. Next time can we get a real scientist? Bill Nye doesn’t even know the ideal gas law. SHAME

  8. Who would be stupid enough to build an AI like that? Well, how many stupid things have humans done? I certainly can’t count. Assuming that something can’t happen because nobody smart enough to do it would be stupid enough to do it suggests humans are completely rational, and we know that isn’t the case. At all. Ever.

  9. I realize that I’ve always known Bill Nye by reputation but never actually watched or listened to him. Great guy! It was very pleasant. Gonna look for more content now haha.

  10. People are fucking stupid it was freaking KIDS SHOW for Christ sakes half of you dumb fuck milenials didn’t even probably know what cloud molecule was back then and your kids now are twice as brainwashed dumb fucked as you they be like who the hell is Bill?? But go spend a dollar and go plant something hippie or better yet what your best at spending are tax money on some bullshit that won’t happen in a billion years instead the money can go towards the city’s roads bridges or your childrens education because aparently you rather spend it on global warming that’s why your kids are so fucking stupid!!!!

  11. Its a combination of the dunning-Kruger effect (ignorant people think they are informed) and tribal alliance: I am conservative, we are good and right and proper and der libruls are bad and wrong and do good and want to hold back industry with dumb regulations and waste taxes on hand outs to welfare queens and they say there is climate change so really there mustn’t be

  12. The thing I like most about Bill Nye is the way he drives Trumplorable idiots batshit insane through the power of not being a mouth-breathing Dunning-Kruger moron.

  13. well, the atomic bomb was invented. I’m not gonna be suprised if someone make a machine that could kill us all.

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