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Theresa May is more dangerous than Donald Trump – Kehinde Andrews | In my opinion

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Kehinde Andrews argues the British prime minister is a bigger unknown than the US president.
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As Malcolm X said, we should be more wary of those who are dishonest about their dark intentions than about outwardly prejudiced people. May’s stance on migration, schools and deportation proves, Andrews says, that she is the ‘northern fox’ of whom we need to be wary.

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22 thoughts on “Theresa May is more dangerous than Donald Trump – Kehinde Andrews | In my opinion

  1. I don’t think that T.M. or D.T. have any significant power. Decisions are made by people you won’t see in a telly …

  2. Wow. Thumbs down. Trump is more dangerous mainly because of his lack of judgement and his stupidity being so bigly.

  3. I agree. Teresa May applies Eugenics to her policies to the same level as Hitler did. David Cameron and George Osborne started it and she carried on, perhaps intoxicated with an evil desire and desperation to be liked, be it for her legs or for the words she vomits. Not bad for someone who was defecated instead of being born.

  4. By this measure, almost all of the politicians are fascist, racist, right-wing dumbass. I’m tired of this kind of rhetoric..:(

  5. Let us scroll through the comments and read the “opinions” of little alt-right gremlins, likely pinched right off the Mail Online or some sly right-wing YouTube channels.

  6. Shes not only bringing grammar schools back, she is also encouraging religious schools. She wants us back in a feudal system controlled by religion and two tier education. This is the continuation of trickle no where politics that benefit the landed classes. She is trying to create a private medical system by destroying the national health service and remove any vestige of our former socialised support systems.
    I may be a female, but the two women prime ministers that this country have (in the first case elected, and in the second, usurped) are the most evil and fascist politicians we have ever had. I dispair of this country that places money and eugenics above all else. Wecame close to having a system that cared for all, and lost it. For the sake of a piece of fabric to wave and a false nationality. Oh and a blue passport…….

  7. I didn’t know May was dropping untold numbers of bombs onto foreign land….wow…I guess she is worse then.

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