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Is ‘political correctness gone mad’ a lie? Nesrine Malik | In my opinion

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The news is full of stories about how ‘the PC brigade’ is ruining British life, says Nesrine Malik.
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From Easter being banned to diversity drives ruining businesses, she says, politicians and the press fuel the false idea that diversity threatens all we know. But, she argues, these falsehoods are propagated for a reason – to delegitimise the ideals of the left.

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15 thoughts on “Is ‘political correctness gone mad’ a lie? Nesrine Malik | In my opinion

  1. The great irony is that this woman was chosen to do her job because the guardian doesn’t want too many ‘white’ people on here.
    Because of, you guessed it: political correctness.

  2. PC has run mad but not in the way people claim. it is being used to silence well meaning criticism by those with limited ability to express their ideas. And that is dangerous because violence becomes their only way of expressing themselves.

  3. Anyone heard about Pewdiepie (Felix) ? He is a “Nazist (Anti semetic) ” according to the news (Wall Street journal). Nothing wrong with that statement… Am I going mad? Think I need a to sleep a little, too tired to think straight so this must be wrong

  4. Oh, I remember you. You’re the woman who passively advocates for violence against political dissidents. I debunked you in a video once before, I’m happy to do it again.

  5. Very true, People just love to scream ‘political correctness’ following any scandal nowadays. For example, during the Clarkson firing many said that to sack Jeremy was “Just being too politically correct”. However, the truth was that they were just afraid of losing something that THEY loved ‘Top Gear’ & rather than simply admitting this, they made all kinds of justifications & double-standards to shift the goalposts relating to his conduct because it threatened a cultural icon.

  6. Here in Canada our Liberals have mandated speech. I’m legally obligated to indulge people in their gender identity of choice. If I fail to abide by the mandated speech I could spend up to two years in prison.

    We’re also around the corner from outlawing Islamophobia. Literally outlawing the fear of Islam.

    “Political correctness” is just a nice way of saying “say what I want you to say, or don’t say anything at all.”

  7. You liberals STILL don’t get it. You are done. Your political correctness is incorrect. The revolution has just started.

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