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How to impeach a president

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With what seems like a constant flow of controversy coming out of the White House, impeachment does not seem completely out of the realms of possibility. But what does it take to impeach a president? Has it ever happened before? And if Donald Trump does get impeached, what happens next? The Guardian takes a look at the history of impeachment, from Andrew Johnson to Bill Clinton

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8 thoughts on “How to impeach a president

  1. No impeachment pleaaase! Iam awaiting desperatly the next episode of the Trump daily soap!
    Every day a new episode and a new cliffhanger. Iam pretty exited to see the next episode.Will he finally kiss Putin and live with him happily til the end of time? lol

  2. The constitution of america created a failed and rogue state that needs root and branch reform, not a useless impeachment.

  3. I am not american, i dont want to see a season finale.., i want to see more drama

  4. After Ben Franklin suggested impeachment, he went and impeached some of the women in his brothel

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