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Could North Korea trigger a nuclear war?

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After successfully test-firing a rocket at the weekend, North Korea now claims to have a missile with a warhead that could reach the United States.
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Most experts are critical of the claim, and analysts say flight data suggests the rocket could fly 2,800 miles – not even half the way to the US. We take a look back at North Korea’s nuclear dynasty and ask: could the country trigger a nuclear war?

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8 thoughts on “Could North Korea trigger a nuclear war?

  1. I don’t think so. Kim Jong-Un may be ruthless, but he’s not crazy. He knows that a nuclear war would not end well for him personally. His pursuit of nuclear weapons is a way to guarantee he stays in power. So it is a deterrent, not intended to be actually used.

  2. North korea wont do a shit that fat kimchi kid with his old soviet era weapons and starving ppl and army with no resources would get there asses kicked by south korea they wont stand a chance agianst the us in the future there wont be a south or north there will just be Korea

  3. The reason why they would conduct all of those missile tests is that they can advance their arsenal

  4. No , Trump would be the one to fire the first armed Nuke, he is only creating an aggravation in this game of ping-pong tests.

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