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Apocalypse, how? A survival guide to the end of the world

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We live in uncertain times. With global tensions escalating and unpredictable leaders like Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin in office, increasing numbers of people are turning to self-sufficiency as insurance against disaster.
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These people are labelled ‘preppers’, a term loaded with baggage thanks to the extreme stereotype imported from the US and enhanced by the media. Richard Sprenger goes in search of the reality of the UK survivalism scene.

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12 thoughts on “Apocalypse, how? A survival guide to the end of the world

  1. All the labour luvvies would be ok. They’d live in secret bunkers with goods. You won’t see them getting out and helping the poor. There’s no more brownie points to score so no need.

  2. See this is actually logical, we all rely on tap water, supermarkets and electricity. What happens if just one of these isn’t available for more than 2 weeks?

  3. who cares… if nuclear war starts you will die on surface or die in a bunker… what kind of life is that. War ends with nukes but nuclear winter will least for decades.

  4. The thing about Pandemics is, it’s isn’t just likely to happen, it absolutely will happen eventually. Just a matter of time. The 1918 Spanish flu pandemic killed more people than died in world war one. Only just about past living memory.

  5. The best way to avoid children from having to live in a bunker is by not bringing them into this world. The current biggest threat is not nuclear, but ignorance born out of certain groups of humans breeding within small gene pools. The best way to break a nation is by making them racists and taking away free higher education. Weak genes and weak minds are easy to be ordered about to the point of giving up their own lives to the causes of an eugenicist government.

  6. one of my best friends prepares for the worst, but he doesn’t learn how to fight. But I do! As soon as the shit hits the fan, I go over their, kill him and steel all of his stuff. 🙂

  7. Not sure why anyone would want to survive in a shit hole anyway. Like seriously the majority of people can’t even go a day without their phone so I doubt they can go a year living in a bunker while being radiated.

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