home Russia Insider NWO ANTI-CHRISTIAN PROJECT: Kiev Regime Moves to Ban Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine

NWO ANTI-CHRISTIAN PROJECT: Kiev Regime Moves to Ban Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine

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15 thoughts on “NWO ANTI-CHRISTIAN PROJECT: Kiev Regime Moves to Ban Orthodox Christianity in Ukraine

  1. Disgusting what they are doing. Orthodox Christians are the most persecuted religion.

  2. If that is the EU impact on Ukraine, I won’t ever want to return to Europe …again (!)

  3. Just like thier jewish masters wanted good goyem. the Rothschilds bank is a Holocaust.

  4. thx 4 posting. anglo-america is the war on White Christians. nothing else. every single policy is to this end. every single one. there’s gonna be a showdown.

  5. They are so low. All the fights they have in parliament must have destroyed what little brain cells they have left.

  6. Nothing surprising here, between the revitalization of the russian orthodox church and the conflict in ukraine… Every atheist seen it coming long ago.
    This is what religion has been used for since it’s inception lol

  7. As a Catholic myself, I think Orthodox Christianity needs to survive for the sake of Christianity. State backing from a powerful country such as the Russian Federation will help. My Catholic Church is deviating too much from the ideals it was found on. It survived for 2000 years, but it’s future seems bleak. Demographic change in Western Europe is killing my church. Growth of Islam and Atheism in Western Europe will kill the Catholic Church. The future of Catholic Christianity is in Asia, South America and other places. Europe is either losing it or has lost it. Too many scandals and a weak approach to political changes in Europe will harm the Church. Time has come to take a tough stance against certain things. If in case the Catholic Church falls, the Orthodox Church must be ready to accept and assimilate over a billion Catholics.

  8. That is a sad development indeed, because hardly anything more damaging to the soul of a Human, and otherwise to the cohesion of a given people, when the hierarchy takes away their beliefs, their religious rituals and traditions. The thing that such a vile hostile act is proposed by a fellow Christian country, which used to have long and strong historical ties with Russia, truly boggles the mind. The Western masterminds of destabilization and asymmetrical warfare, who are the orchestrators of this malaise, and who in reality are the enemies of both Russia and Ukraine, must be glad for what they have ‘accomplished’.

  9. They do everything in order to organize a war in Ukraine per their masters orders. Then they will blame Russia again for civil war in Ukraine,

  10. Time for the Ukrainians to get the jew poroshenko out of there before there is another Holodomor!

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