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Will Saudis rebuild our roads & bridges?

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As President Donald Trump prepares for Saturday’s visit to Saudi Arabia, the first stop on his much-promoted “tolerance tour,” RT America’s Anya Parampil reports on the Saudis’ plans to invest billions of dollars in the US and their business connections to Trump’s family. She also exposes the mammoth arms deal which Trump is expected to announce during his visit.

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19 thoughts on “Will Saudis rebuild our roads & bridges?

  1. goat fuckers that fund jihad will fund and built our roads and the jew company’s will built the wall. So much for hiring all american and using american money…

  2. This should not happen. Isn’t it already bad enough that our government and military is pretty controlled by them? Now we are going to have our infrastructure dependent on them?

    For crying out loud.

  3. How about we build our own roads and NOT profit off of death with same people who killed our own citizens?

  4. 18 out of the 20 hi jackers were from saudi arabia on 9/11 so there should be no deal

  5. Of course it’s all about the $$$ in the first place no president cares about the American people. All they care about is how they line their pockets. I’m hoping that this will be a big disaster because that will only put America in more danger it’s already in


  7. Trump is doing the exact opposite of what his voters wanted. Now he’s giving jobs to the same people that were part of 9/11instead of creating jobs for Americans. The U.S. has more than enough to fund infrastructure without the Saudis. How is that patriotic? His voters must be starting to get sick from all this ‘winning’…There’s definitely a revolt coming…

  8. How about we don’t let terrorist states invest in our country so they can further control us?

  9. Well, the unions in the US are destroyed by the Republicans. So now why not have the Saudi’s finance our road and bridge repair using slave labor from around the world, Asia, Africa, Central America, etc. and using the steel made by just one corporate super multinational. Naturally, the militarized police will form barriers that are invincible so no demonstrations will be possible. All this made possible by our production of gas guzzling SUV’s.

  10. If you are a muslim and talk with Trump you are an idiot and a fool. The Donald shits clumps in the morning that look like your god.

  11. If the arms deal is approved, the US should just stop pretending it wants to defeat ISIS.

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