home RT US needs to be ‘as bold as South Africa’ in engaging race – HBCU professor

US needs to be ‘as bold as South Africa’ in engaging race – HBCU professor

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, a white female police officer who was acquitted in the shooting death of an unarmed black man will be allowed to return to duty. She was found not guilty by a majority-female jury after only 9 hours of deliberation. Video evidence contradicted the defense’s narrative so much that protests erupted outside the courtroom as soon as the verdict was read. Dr. Baruti Kopano, professor at Morgan State University, joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to discuss the implications of the trial and its outcome.

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24 thoughts on “US needs to be ‘as bold as South Africa’ in engaging race – HBCU professor

  1. Are they Fucking retarded? As Bold as South Africa? South Africa is about to collapse into Civil War By August! What are White people afraid of “BLACK CRIMINALITY!” On a side note that women cop was wrong and a scared Bitch!

  2. Bottom line is the dude didnt do what the officer told him to do. You want DE-escalating ? DO WHAT YOUR LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER TELLS YOU, DONE.

  3. Its apparent, as it has been for years. Native Americans and African Americans the Anglo Establishment hates. I mean come on. Genocide of the Natives founded the Country, and Black Slavery built the Country.

  4. You don’t comply …You die … This is reality! It has nothing to do with “race” …. RT is full of idiots.

  5. LOL WHAT. 40 years of apothide 7000 blacks killed 25 years of Nelson Mandela 1000000 whites murdered. For giving blacks too much

  6. This has nothing to do with black /white color. This officer is innocent. The man did not obey her orders . What do you want her to do? Stand down? The man needed to OBEY the Cop! He did not obey and now he is dead. This is the LAW.

  7. a black person’s life in this country is not worth much unfortunately. these pigs keep murdering people and will continue to murder people because they do not pay a cost

  8. If she’s put back onto the force, it’s because they think there’s too many unarmed black men driving vehicles in that area.

  9. So according to RT American whites should be like their South African counterparts and allow themselves to be displaced, turned into second class citizens, our women raped , our children discriminated against, murdered and threatened with extermination! Sorry but you all can go fuck yourselves! Take responsibility for your actions and the excess of crime and murder in your own community. Ask yourself why your community has such a high rate of broken homes where 70% of the households are fatherless that the white taxpayers are flipping the bill for!

  10. Hey black people, you don’t wanna get shot? Follow orders when you have a gun at your head…

  11. In USA and all over the World…WE THE PEOPLE need to start doing justice!!
    Too much patience and comprehension towards murderers and thieves!!!

  12. South Africa?

    South Africa is presently engaged in genocide against white COLORED people.

  13. its hard to engage a serious race discussion, when you got people like CNN news anchor Don Lemon saying how black people can’t be racist because Slavery. I guess unbeknownst to him is that all races of people have experienced slavery in one form or another. there is no difference between us, but these Political Correctness councils are mucking up the healing process by instigating people that have done nothing wrong against their cause. You tell a teenager not to do something they probably gonna do it. you don’t have to be a psychologist to figure that out. these apologists are throwing away countless years of appreciation for black people and their culture for their little Black’s are better than whites movement, and I’m fucking sick of hearing it. The country Africa has some serious fucking problems so obviously we don’t need any pointers from them.

  14. RT is full of well informed individuals capable of thinking for themselves and are willing to reach out beyond their sphere of influences to get a different opinion.

  15. You have to be mentally unstable to hide your hands from a cop that has their gun pointed at you. But she could have used non lethal force to subdue him, a tazer for example. There has been suicide by cop instances that took place.

  16. Why do news correspondents think cops should be trick shooters? Shoot in hands, knees, are not what cops are taught.They are taught to use deadly force.Unfortunately blacks do create allot of violent crime. If you want to avoid being shot, do not be drunk or on drugs, and most important follow the instructions of the Police. Those two things will keep you alive, and should be followed by every race. Cops have a tough job…..

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