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RT EXCLUSIVE: ‘Korea will be changed to America’ – S. Korean actress

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Box office sales in Asia have officially topped North America’s. South Korea is enjoying something of a golden age as their cinema enjoys more and more global recognition. RT America’s Simone Del Rosario sits down with South Korean female bodybuilder, television actress and centerfold-model Park Su-yeon as she discusses South Korea’s actors and actresses and how they manage to succeed and thrive in their country’s socially conservative culture.

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11 thoughts on “RT EXCLUSIVE: ‘Korea will be changed to America’ – S. Korean actress

  1. South Korea is so much better than Putin supported North Korea. What a despot shit hole NK is. A reminder: RT is really just Putin propaganda.

  2. If they REALLY want to be like America, they’ll need more “diversity”… I suggest we send them our knee-gurz

  3. 2 Esdras:


    [43] And they shall go on steadily to Babylon, and shall destroy her.
    [44] They shall come to her and surround her; they shall pour out the tempest and all its wrath upon her; then the dust and smoke shall go up to heaven, and all who are about her shall wail over her.
    [45] And those who survive shall serve those who have destroyed her.
    [46] And you, Asia, who share in the glamour of Babylon and the glory of her person —
    [47] *woe to you, miserable wretch! For you have made yourself like her; you have decked out your daughters in harlotry to please and glory in your lovers, who have always lusted after you.*
    [48] *You have imitated that hateful harlot in all her deeds and devices;* therefore God says,
    [49] “I will send evils upon you, widowhood, poverty, famine, sword, and pestilence, to lay waste your houses and bring you to destruction and death.
    [50] And the glory of your power shall wither like a flower, when the heat rises that is sent upon you.
    [51] You shall be weakened like a wretched woman who is beaten and wounded, so that you cannot receive your mighty lovers.
    [52] Would I have dealt with you so violently,” says the Lord,
    [53] “If you had not always killed my chosen people, exulting and clapping your hands and talking about their death when you were drunk?
    [54] Trick out the beauty of your face!
    [55] The reward of a harlot is in your bosom, therefore you shall receive your recompense.
    [56] As you will do to my chosen people,” says the Lord, “so God will do to you, and will hand you over to adversities.
    [57] Your children shall die of hunger, and you shall fall by the sword, and your cities shall be wiped out, and all your people who are in the open country shall fall by the sword.
    [58] And those who are in the mountains and highlands shall perish of hunger, and they shall eat their own flesh in hunger for bread and drink their own blood in thirst for water.
    [59] Unhappy above all others, you shall come and suffer fresh afflictions.
    [60] And as they pass they shall wreck the hateful city, and shall destroy a part of your land and abolish a portion of your glory, as they return from devastated Babylon.
    [61] And you shall be broken down by them like stubble, and they shall be like fire to you.
    [62] And they shall devour you and your cities, your land and your mountains; they shall burn with fire all your forests and your fruitful trees.
    [63] They shall carry your children away captive, and shall plunder your wealth, and abolish the glory of your countenance.”


    [1] Woe to you, *Babylon and Asia! Woe to you, Egypt and Syria!*
    [2] Gird yourselves with sackcloth and haircloth, and wail for your children, and lament for them; for your destruction is at hand.

  4. Hollywood actors freely speak their minds? Park is dumber than the dumbbells she trains with.

    Naive and undeservingly positive perception of America.

  5. didn’t the biggest hollywood star SCHWARZENEGGER start off by being a body builder? What is this clip ranting on about? she did what arnold in america did

  6. argh… korean entertainment industry is already the same as hollywood – it’s FILLED WITH LEFTIES – pro commie lefties.. so is korean universities – the lefties have totally taken over all the institutions for higher learning just as they have in the US. Meryl Streep is braindead knee jerk leftie who took NO CHANCE AT ALL with her braindead speech, bc she knew full well that being a leftie is a NECESSARY QUALIFIER for anyone who wants to work in hollywood.

  7. South Korea wouldnt be in so much danger if it didnt have so much american cock stuffed in its mouth all the time.

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