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OPCW rejects Russia-Iran plan for Syria chem incident probe team

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The Organisation For The Prohibition Of Chemical Weapons has rejected Russia and Iran’s proposal for a new team to probe the suspected chemical attack earlier this month in Syria. Moscow’s pushing for a wider investigation, because it believes the OPCW cannot properly confirm anything until it’s actually visited the site. READ MORE:


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49 thoughts on “OPCW rejects Russia-Iran plan for Syria chem incident probe team

  1. We Are now going to war with IRAN ???? Wake Up People we are Going WW3 Afghanistan ,IRAN,Syria,Libia ,Iraq ,Russia,China and North Korea

  2. The whole UN is compromised. Money talks… the writing is on the wall, this is the clear march toward the annihilation of the New World Order’s competitors and resistors. I say it’s time to WAR before the corrupt have stripped any more power and worldwide credibility from Russia and its allies… which is obviously what all this is about.

  3. Turkey Gave Gas To ISIS (Siran) Gas And Turkey Knows this Also RT News Knows a Turkey MP of Over 20yrs Blew The Whistle On It …Youtube it

  4. Putin, it’s up to you to decide. It’s now raining at my place. The pattern of atmospheric pressure must be working which I experimented for the last 3 days.

    Who do you want to save, the scambags or God’s children?

  5. Does anyone else think it’s funny they keep using footage of someone swabbing the rusted out nose fuse opening on an iron bomb casing.

  6. close that organization along un and every other organization that get their fund by terorrist nations of usa israil saudi arsbia qatar uk snd france , all these countries have blood on their hand and now bitching that they can fuck up syria more than this due to iran , russia and hezbolah , glory to free and normal people of earth , from iran 🙂

  7. The entire UN is under the boot of the Anglo Zionists! fabricating evidence is easy for them….what a joke!

  8. Assad forces carried the chemical attack like they have done before and suffered little repercussions.

  9. Why is the US/UK so against an impartial investigation? How do you carry out such as investigation without on site inveatigation?! These same rebels just blew up a bus last week!

  10. Russia has gone BAD !!! Russia is now socializing with the barbaric trash of the world !!!

  11. It is difficult to get an organization to understand something, when its salary depends on its not understanding it.

  12. chemical weapons is hard to come by even major groups like Isis the only man to say it wasn’t us is inside a bunker trying to say we got rid of our chemical weapons along time ago, but it’s also a warcrime to say you did nothing to look at your manifesto to say oh I’m missing a bomb that ended up in radical hands.

  13. How can the world trust the OPCW if they don’t come to Syria and investigate? It is a scam.

  14. i smell something fishy about the rejection on the Joint Probe team..

    Playing Dirty as always


  16. Ain’t that a Bitch, they want to charge you without evidence from the ground?!?!? WTF…

  17. for god sake rt just tell them we no there not telling the truth eny thing to avoid a proper investigation.that allown tells you everything. arrogant bitch.

  18. Just cause Asaad shipped some chemical weapons out doesn’t mean he didn’t have any or didn’t make any or didn’t have the nut jobs in Iran supply any

  19. it wouldn’t be rebels or another name terrorist using chemical weapons like it was last time.
    surely not their nice, the west gives isil and other phycopaths like that weapons.
    they would never use chemical weapons again to frame syria.

  20. Are Putin and Assad gay lovers? Why else would he defend him so much if they were not. They have spent the night with each-other. Maybe that is why Putin is so homophobic. . It is all coming together now. Putin knows Islamic followers don’t like the gays. Bingo!

  21. so in 3 days the western powers:- put up an investigation team- sent them in- gathered evidence, made interwievs- analyzed samples, tissue, soil, and so on- made a report with ireffutable conclusions- established ho is the culprit- made the decisson to retaliate- decided how to strike and what- carried out all the paper work to launch- programed 59 missiles- and launched themyeah right

  22. OPCW are nothing more that the CNN (Clinton News Network) druming up more propegander for the fakenews network.
    If they wanted to find the truth as to who was behind the chemical weapons attack they’d have an investigation. This jusat back’s what i’v been saying, it wasn’t ASSAD, rather the rebel’s backed by CIA influance’s.
    Nothing more, nothing less………..

  23. This world needs rid of Zionist USA no peace on this earth will come whilst this war machine exists.

  24. A total ‘Stitch Up’! America, Britain and France protecting their headchoppers again.

  25. Because they dont want the Truth to come out, that simple.
    They got their rubber stamp and thats all they wanted.

  26. Please stop killing and or harming these poor people. You’re in my thoughts and prays. I don’t understand how someone could treat their brothers and sisters like this. We’re all related to one another please stop treating each other like this.

  27. Conquer the bit of land and control who does what yourselves, never trust a brit or nato organisation. they obviously want to defeat Russia and expand israel before an old important occult leader dies, the emphasis on Russia makes me think prince philip of uk is that leader as he’s stated a number of times that “Russia killed my family members” forgetting that the Russian revolution was a rothschild affair.

  28. We all need to stop paying our taxes this is our best option for now at least we r not funding theses evil men and women to kill innocent men women and kids we must do something it’s better than watching this shit happen before our very eyes these evil bastard need our money

  29. Nobody believes the LYING WESTERN puppet governments and LYING WESTERN MEDIA. Why? Because they are PROVEN LIARS!

  30. Looks like OPCW is another WADA, an American corporation. Why is this organization considered neutral if the chairman is an American, I don’t understand?

  31. “Sarin or Sarin like” You don’t know what the fuck it is, hence, an independent investigation.

  32. 00:09 “Moscow is pushing for a wider investigation because it believes the OPCW cannot properly confirm anything without actually visiting the site”.

    Stating the obvious?
    (Also what is a ‘Sarin-like’ substance?)

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