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“It just never ends” – Trump on Paris attack

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US President Trump gave his response to the Paris shooting which killed one police officer on the Champs Elysees.

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12 thoughts on ““It just never ends” – Trump on Paris attack

  1. So, stop supporting terrorists? You think, everyone would believe you fighting with terrorism after a single strike in Afghanistan? You kill more (hundreds) civilians in Mosul than you killed militants in that MOAB strike (36 was reported). And nobody know what is going on in Iraq since its closed for reporters (partially).

  2. not comparing the two in anyway, both are messed up and twisted as each other… but how can he talk when he is committing terror acts as well in other countries? just coz he’s in the ‘good’ side…

    the ONLY way this can stop is not by getting rid of Isis by bombing them. that’s like saying I’m gonna get rid of cockroaches in my house by spraying them chemicals. they come back.

    That don’t work, you need to look for a fucking proper solution, find the root of the problem – block out the source. But the world is doomed with a fucking trigger happy, golfing twat…

    my thoughts are with the fallen policeman and his family. I’ll keep him in mind at the Friday prayer.

  3. but why are they doing it? nothing at all to do with all the innocent people being killed at the hands of Western imperialism. no, it can’t be – they’re being killed in the name of freedom, necessary collateral damage for the greater good. and that is one globe under corporate America.

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