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‘Collusion with a foreign theocracy’: Trump’s Saudi connection

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President Donald Trump is heading out on his first foreign trip, starting in Saudi Arabia. Author and investigative journalist Max Blumenthal tells RT America’s Manila Chan that Trump seems to have two-faced regard for Saudi Arabia, criticizing them in public even while negotiating hotel-deals. During his visit, he is expected to announce an enormous new arms sale, perhaps the largest in American history. Blumenthal also discusses planned Saudi investment in American infrastructure in swing states, which may amount to “collusion with a foreign theocracy to secure re-election.”

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7 thoughts on “‘Collusion with a foreign theocracy’: Trump’s Saudi connection

  1. Fuck the Saudi snakes of America….. the so called bastion of freedom and democracy and their gender apartheid practicing authoritarian absolute monarchy oppressive dictatorship buddies……

  2. We cant do/say anything to the Saudis. As long as the petrodollar exists we are their slaves. Might as well take their money.

  3. You mean the money Hillary took from Saudi during the election… and the 2 billion she transfered to Qatar. And the fact that not one single Muslim country is taking in ‘refugees’ (invaders)…

    This guy is nothing more than a globalist shill. No one is talking about these things, because they did not happen. Just more globalist bullshit, projection and distraction. (The Seth Green thing is still out there).

    Trump is President. He has to work with the Saudi government.

    Trump is giving the profits from ALL his foreign hotels to the treasury.

    This report sounds like twaria – a half truth.

    RT appears to be compromised in the same way the US MSM is… they are sounding like MSNBC…. next they’ll trot out their version of Madcow.

  4. I don’t know if there has ever been a past President that has had witches, sorcerers and warlocks all trying to bind Trump

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