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92% of CNN’s programming dedicated to Trump-bashing

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A team of analysts from Newsbusters.org studied a 20-hour period of programming on CNN (from 4am until 11pm on Friday, May 12, 2017). They discovered that 92% of the news network’s entire airtime was filled with discussion of the Trump administration, the vast majority of which was cast in a negative light. Follow The Resident at

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36 thoughts on “92% of CNN’s programming dedicated to Trump-bashing

  1. It’s amazing how easily the US can be marketed to. But I think they underestimate the US public. Those 20 somethings running the media don’t have a real clue, That’s how Trump got elected in the first place. That’s how the democrats lost the congress. These bright young new college graduates don’t have a clue how the real world works.

    They may be able to sell entertainment for a while, but even that doesn’t really pan out. Most of us want something more than repurposed cartoons and old sitcoms. And that’s all wealthy twenty somethings straight out of college can offer, especially if they were busy partying when they should have been studying.

    Pokeymon…was a real thing…for how long?

    That’s why Bernie made sense. But he’s not so much anymore. And these kids just don’t get it.

  2. I wrote a story today! Let me know if it makes sense
    STORY TIME: Imagine an ancient civilization that has just been introduced to bartering of goods and services. A farmer walks in to a market with his or her specialty crop and is in desperate need for new tools from the local black-smith. A dilemma arises! The black-smith refuses simply for a lack of preference. Luckily, a special metal being harvested and saved by all or the majority of the people’s with not much practical usage but having high value due to it’s beauty and rarity is brought to the attention of the peoples. Gold(hypothetically speaking)! A new system is set up so that instead of directly having to trade specific items, now the farmer and black-smith can trade this new currency as an additional step so that trading is made simpler for all. The civilization’s first bank is then created where people could exchange their goods for this new currency. Eventually over time, to make this trading more secure and manageable the bank then creates a new, official IOU bank note so that people could then trade in their gold to store for security and organizations sake. After some time the bank develops a system of loaning IOUs to the people with interest in order to make more money themselves as people are in need for housing, means of transportation, education and to look fly as fuck because that matters, CAN I GET AN AMEN 🙏🏽 not really that was my idea of a joke lolz …After some time a certain evil starts to brew. The bankers realize the potential influx of wealth through means of printing more IOUs than exists the prior gold through means of interest for loans which by definition is an additive imaginary sum that doesn’t exist within the money in circulation and continues to print more and more IOUs so that eventually inflation causes the IOUs themselves to decrease in value forcing the public of said civilization to have to work harder and longer or to bury themselves in an unimaginable debt in order to be able to have as much as they would had before banks set the standard currency and took control over the economy. Most people weren’t so phased by this dilemma because the banks were able to set up a media system to distribute among the masses a shroud of distractions and the false sense of calm in order to subtly enslave the public to this system of debt and pleasures for the now… after a while though groups within the civilization decided enough was enough and broke apart from the system in order to print their own money backed on their own gold in order to reset all the debts made through the banking system and were able to set up a new civilization where everyone thrived and received all the fruits of their labor along side building the most unified a prosperous community where money wasn’t so scarcely hoarded by the few greedy but was given and shared among the people to promote progress for all together! It was beautiful! 😭

    the old civilization then proceeds to manipulate the public into demonizing the new civilization by means of false flags and other tactics of emotional yet irrational means to eventually use them in order to completely destroy and overthrow the smaller civilization thus leaving one. One left in complete ignorance of they’re own enslavement until eventually, once their currency loses most it’s value and the price for living is too high won’t come to realizing the real scam in control of their very existence until…

    I’m cutting the story short for the audience to fill with their own imaginations! I know I know. Cliche Hollywood tactics but I trust you can come up with something awesome/tragic/both! After all there’s so much bottled up and suppressed potential in every single one of you that will probably remain untapped forever.

  3. trump is a retarded goof. i gave him a chance. he is no different then hillary …. both want to continue the war on drugs… infact trump is doubling down on it and will MASSIVELY INCREASE CANNABIS PROSECTION

  4. it’s incredible how completely unhinged these fake news networks are just don’t watch them or there fake blogs

  5. Democrats’ plan to win elections is to talk about Tomahawk Trump. Yeah real great plan.
    Ok, Democrats let’s say Tomahawk Trump leaves, what are you going to do differently? Ummmmm…….. That’s what I thought.

  6. 92% of RT’s programming dedicated to being Trump’s cock holster. And when 52% of Fox’s coverage is deemed “negative” about Trump, you have to wonder why… Maybe it’s almost impossible for any media outlet to make positive coverage of Trump. That’s tacitly admitted here because your argument is that CNN should cover things that aren’t Trump, not that they should have more pro Trump stories.

  7. I love a good Trump bashing, but corporate MSM has fucking lost it. Pushing the bullshit establishment narrative. Refusing to focus on real issues like they should have done when Bernie was still in the race!!! Thanks fuckers!

  8. and also fox news … or in my world fuck news lol always talking about trump ! sick of this guy

  9. To be fair, Trump deserves the majority of news coverage. His ridiculousness is happening daily now.
    I don’t think 92% is really necessary though, what more can you report on with 92% compared to 60%?

  10. During the campaign, they did the same thing and it helped get him elected! They gave him millions of dollars of free air time. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

  11. If you’re not willing to criticize trump at times, like now when it is clearly pertinent, then RT your bias is pretty clear too.

  12. they are so over the top those of us who would like to be critical of Trump literally can NOT be.

  13. CNN still doesn’t get that the game is over ❗️🖕🏼Go to your fucking bunkers already ❗️We’re all just waiting for the economic collapse to come so we can kick your stupid ass ❗️

  14. How about one episode from you criticising Trump not really possible though is it when Putin pays your arse

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