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7-year-old student handcuffed & tased in Texas

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The family of a student with special needs in Texas is accusing a school district of using extreme force on their son, including using handcuffs and a taser on the 7-year-old. Natasha Sweatte reports.

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15 thoughts on “7-year-old student handcuffed & tased in Texas

  1. Wow dude… just… wow. As if the handcuffs weren’t enough they zapped him too.

  2. He was breaking his head open banging it on the wall over and over again. Those Cops saved this boy’s life. The mother made her son this way. A mother should never take drugs of any kind while expecting… but this mom did it all. Shame!

  3. This same abuse happened to a nine year old in Florida, now Texas. The autism crisis is increasing. This is what future parents have to look forward to.

  4. Shame on the Mum for causing her son to be born with these disorders. She is to blame. In schools, these mentally challenged children try to kill themselves without knowing what they are doing. It was good that they restrained him. He would be dead if they did not handcuff . 1 week in the mental ward because he needed HELP!

  5. Police have no business being in schools where the children are only seven years old. The issue is who over 90% of the staff is. A child bangs his head against the wall so taze him and cause more bodily injure and possible brain damage? Incompetent adults. The tough on crime political camp gone a muck.

  6. The 7-yr-old lunged at police with a spoon. The taser was warranted. He’s also a big kid, sometimes mistaken for 8.

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