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France investigates police killing claimed by ISIS

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French authorities say the dead suspect of Thursday’s Islamic State-claimed shooting has been identified, while the Champs-Élysées remains on lockdown. Graham Mackay reports.

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6 thoughts on “France investigates police killing claimed by ISIS

  1. does mlle la pen have an alibi?

    all joking aside, sad times for the world, sadder times if hatred wins over love. paris, je t’aime. 😪

  2. This is sad, but more sad is as well, if France soldiers and police rape men on streets unemployed poor young man and stop & search them for nothing, and have no problems troubling them of course as they are not white. then what do you expect they will all join the extremists as they promise them false flag of equality and justice and dignity, french are the worst racists in west Europe.

  3. Marine le pen = ( christianist militant ), hypocrites far right le pen my ass. French police and army are already treating as le pen wants Muslims youngsters there , so i see no difference . vote her we will vote more le pen style leaders in our countries then. go ahead. and lets see

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