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Tucker to author: Why’s Trump’s wall a symbol of hate?

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Tucker takes on undocumented immigrant who became a VP at Goldman Sachs and an American citizen and says president’s deportation force is scarier than his proposed border wall, which is a ‘symbol of hate’ #Tucker

49 thoughts on “Tucker to author: Why’s Trump’s wall a symbol of hate?

  1. You people need to stop kissing the legal immigrants asses. They fight for the illegals. We don’t want any more immigration at all.

  2. So I suppose the southern Mexican wall is a symbol of hate. SHES full of hate herself. No one argues against immigration, just ILLEGAL immigration.

  3. That wall will never be completed, if by some miracle it is, it’ll be an enclosure to keep dumb American ‘ patriots ‘ corralled like sheep.

  4. wall is too expensive? she works in the financial sector?! how the heck did she get so high up the ranks,scary! #nevergoldmansacks!

  5. Why listen to someone who came illegally and married to become legal. You are no increase to our country get out.

  6. 👉 Making up a social security number could MOST LIKELY was another person’s social security number!!! SHE DOES NOT KNOW IF SHE TOOK & USED ANOTHER PERSON’S SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER!!!


  8. She’s a victim of the system at the sametime she can afford to be an arrogant brat. She feels it’s racist to keep people from breaking the law? She is also ignorant enough to really believe she can just make up a ssn and out of trillions of people dead and alive, that her made up SSN number didn’t belong to someone at sometime?

  9. Hmm..wonder what the statute of limitations is on this..
    Didn’t she just admit to a felony?

  10. If CANADIANS were crossing the border illegally 👉 THEN we would build a wall on the CANADIAN BORDER!!! #WakeUP!

  11. she stole your cake & ate it. She likes it so much now she will take down your house wall so her relatives can come and get more free cake from you! What a wonderful woman!!

  12. It’s a symbol of safety. This slimy cunt knows it. Let her be the first to go. I’m sick of these panty chewing libtard assholes.

  13. came here illegally, used fake ssn, only became a citizen after getting married. hmmm she just admitted to breaking the law… why was her feed not cut as the fbi took her away? u either believe in the law or u dont!

  14. Her children will be citizens because of fake Social Security # I really don’t know if makes a lot of sense.

  15. 🤓 She STILL identifies herself as a MEXICAN 👉 THAT IS WHY SHE VIEWS THE WALL HAS “HATEFUL”!!!

  16. This idiot is a real piece of work. What doesn’t she understand about the FACT that what she did was BREAK THE LAW. Regardless of the circumstances – THE LAW is THE LAW. Whether you are 11 or 81. You should be GREATFUL you were not DEPORTED. WE DO have LEGAL means of entry into this country. And just as Tucker points out – Just because you don’t like the LAWS doesn’t excuse you from obeying them. We ALL HAVE LAWS we do not like or agree with. That DOES NOT EXCUSE US form obeying them. Get in line AND WAIT YOUR TURN. Typical SNOBBY BITCH that thinks society OWES HER for HER Misgivings. We ALL WANT A SILVER SPPON IN OUR MOUTH but some of us ARE WILLING TO WORK FOR IT— NOT EXPECT A HANDOUT! You want people to have a FAST PATH to citizenship – JOIN THE US MILITARY and MAKE A COMMITMENT to SERVE our country. EARN IT. If you are under age – You are Still Welcome to cross the border BUT WHEN YOU TURN 18 – YOU MUST ENLIST IN THE MILITARY and serve for a minimum of 4 years. You don’t want to do that – you are IMMEDIATELY DEPORTED when you are 18. NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

  17. billions of tax dollars are spent on caring for illegal immigrants….build a wall instead….immigrate legally…period.

  18. that sounds like a prisoner breaks out of prison steals someone else’s clothes and ID so therefore that makes them a non-felon?

  19. She committed fraud whether SS# was fake or not. We already have an immigration path way, get in line. HB1 only brings down wages, get rid of it.

  20. Ummm!..Tourist Visa?..Didn’t , know you were allowed to work…And stay here till you die…Love how Mexicans, make up the rules!.For us!..Hate, blah, blah, blah!,..We don’t care!.

  21. China-wall? ok
    Mexico-wall? ok
    Israel-wall? ok
    butt america wants a wall oh hell no thats racist for a western country thats majority white to want to protect their people

  22. can you really be that stupid and have the jobs that she has had, probably not if you’re white.

  23. Fake SSN will be flagged instantly by IRS. They use SSN of real people. And even after becoming legal US citizen, all she seems to care about is Mexicans -.don’t build the wall, let more Mexicans in, increase H1B visas. She is not concerned how this is impacting the job market for the Americans.

  24. So now we have illegals coming here and telling us how to run our Country ?
    when the Drug cartels kill their Politicians and run their shit Country in the Ground.

  25. Sorry stupid Mexican slut, the wall helps prevent immigrants coming in illegally and helping our country make sure we get legal immigrants. Libtards just don’t get it! America isn’t Mexico, fuck off with that garbage!

  26. I cant watch Tucker because he always provide a platform for liberals to spew their nonsense.

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