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Tucker: Immigration issues distorted by biased media

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The anti-Trump mainstream media have used talking points to twist important issues like immigration and border security to suit their agendas – and a new Harvard study shows proof of the press bias against Pres. Trump #Tucker

11 thoughts on “Tucker: Immigration issues distorted by biased media

  1. This is an all out assault from the Left wing Communist, Socialist Democrats.. It’s a huge disruption in normal operation of the Us Government, a total waste of tax payers money, They gotta *get over the fact they lost the election* , These tantrums and pouting is ridiculous, the childish socialists need their mommy, Hillary,

  2. Tucker Carlson, you are so right. The MSM is now like Pravda was during the times of the Soviet Union.

  3. Fucker Carlson is a Stooge for Cuckserative Media!

    Deportations are down 14% from last years figures.

    Detainees are up making the For-Profits Prisons Law Enforcement Stakeholders Wealthier!

    This is ALL a Money Making scheme targeting Illegals led by Deplorables’ Favorite Alt Reich Racist Grandpa Keebler Sessions since they have public support from Low IQ Trumptards!

  4. Wake up, you’re being distracted. The class-action case against the DNC led by Bernie Sanders is the story of the Democrats don’t want you to report on. Wake up. Take a hint from Joe Biden. He just slammed Hillary. She’s going under the bus.

  5. The Left are fucken asshole IDIOTS,   DEMOCRAPS are full of SHIT… Don’t Forget  #DearbornMichigan

  6. It doesn’t bother me so much that the media is liberally biased. What pisses me off is that people still think they are credible.

  7. God forbid a person might have to pay for their own food and actually be mature 😱

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