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Rove: WaPo story overblown, NYT story much bigger

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Fox News contributors Karl Rove and Marie Harf react to reports on ‘The Story’

23 thoughts on “Rove: WaPo story overblown, NYT story much bigger

  1. The DNC lied about Russia hacking their servers & now we have to put up with hearing about Russia bs for the next 8 years.

  2. Fox isn’t talking about the REAL issue. Russia did not hack the DNC. SETH RICH hacked the DNC so they murdered him and Comey helped cover it up. Russia is a red herring. Trump and AG Sessions need to blow that case wide open. You wanna play rough? OK. Say hello to my little friend >>> Seth Rich.

  3. What is much more significant than Comey agreeing to testify in an open hearing is his refusal to testify in a closed session. If his last open hearing Comey refused to answer numerous questions saying he could not disclose that information in a public setting. He then failed to show up for the scheduled closed session where he said he could answer those questions. This is just a continuation of the dog and pony show designed to undermine a duly elected president of the US.

  4. How about some real news like who killed Seth Rich, or where the president is going over seas and who he is meeting and what will be talked about. No we just get more fake news from the MSM.

  5. James Comey is a traitor and a liar and he will lie through his teeth during the televised questioning and he will try to look so innocent but he is so evil!

  6. The whole reason for this charade by the DNC and the liberal media is because… The class-action case against the DNC led by Bernie Sanders. Duh! Wake up. Take a hint from Joe Biden. He just slammed Hillary. She’s going under the bus. Now you know what to report on.

  7. The American Nationalist Army militia needs to “occupy” the HQs of the MSM giants and stop this sh*t . . .

  8. Who killed Seth Rich and why. That’s what we want to know. James Comey won’t even be asked that when he testifies. Why isn’t that a story? Why is Fox even entertaining this liberal media spun Russia bullshit?

  9. Carl Rove…. a RINO and Never Trump guy. Remember, his old boss and the “Establishment GOP” really wanted Jen elected. So the lap dog Rove is on the job, for them.

  10. That blonde chick is an amateur lying mouthpiece. I watched this little sorority chick at press conferences and she is a joke. Those ugly glasses are worn because she aspires to be perceived as an over achiever. Not fooled mouthpiece.

  11. Trumptards are Pro Russia Sympathizers Anti-American Traitors!

    Its all about identity politics for Deplorables! These low IQ inbred Hillbillies should be deported on a one-way to Moscow along with their leader Comrade Trump 🇷🇺

  12. Marie Harf is a paid Hillary troll, she’s admitted it.

    Hillary’s John Podesta works for the Washington Post…enough said.

    Well, not exactly enough. John Podesta emailed that their leakers needed to be “made an example” of. Two days later Seth Rich was murdered, and the “Russia did it” falsehood began.

    We now know that documents on Seth Rich’s computer prove he was the WikiLeaks source of Hillary’s, Podesta’s, and DNC/DCCC emails. And, Hillary’s cronies have been obstructing the criminal and civil investigation all along.

    The Dem’s days are numbered.


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