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New reports on Russia investigation as Trump heads overseas

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President hit with another set of Russia-related allegations moments after departing on his first foreign trip as commander-in-chief; reaction and analysis on ‘The Five’

28 thoughts on “New reports on Russia investigation as Trump heads overseas

  1. This Russia insanity is absurd …. I’d almost welcome a return to the consonant cycle of tranny stories if it would make this stop

  2. O’ man Trump downfall/demise will be slow and painful the intelligent Agencies taking him plus people in his administration ….love it

  3. it’s all according to the new York Times with no proof any of it is true …. msm is a disease.

  4. Business as usual for Trump! He doesn’t give a damn about this stupid investigation… He’s out making deals with World Leaders and The Deep State ain’t privy to it!!! Lol!

  5. I have no idea why this guy inviting Russians, keep Americans out, and telling them internal affairs of this country? Is he nuts? Russia have been plotting to break up every american ally, since the cold war…whats going on!!!

  6. Looks like mob boss Donald is letting his crooked sidekick son-in-law forge a new geopolitical landscape in the Middle East by forging an alliance between a “Sunni oil despot NATO” and an expansionist Israel against Shi’ite Iran (and simultaneously also against Palestinians). This has all the hallmarks of a looming genocidal catastrophe.

  7. Trump has done a great job! He will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents. Just keep draining the swamp….lots more to flush

  8. when will you people stop reporting the B.S. that the New York Times, The Post, and the rest of the lies of the dinosaur media. news before CNN was 1hour each night not on Sunday. use that concept. get RID of the talking heads propaganda.

  9. REMEMBER??? About a week ago we were talking about the Dem’s doing everything they could to undermine this trip!!!!!!!!!!!


    Have popcorn with it.

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