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‘Hannity’ visits the site of terror attack in Israel

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Sean Hannity speaks with Netanyahu spokesman David Keyes and Israeli diplomat Dore Gold

36 thoughts on “‘Hannity’ visits the site of terror attack in Israel

  1. too bad they didn’t do it when shawn was there they would have done a great favor to america


  3. ✔️ Alex Jones *OUT*
    ✔️ Bill O’Reilly *OUT*
    Sean Hannity *NEXT*
    Tucker Carlson *NEXT*


  4. Palestinian need to fuckin’ stop supporting terror!!!!!! Islamic extremists Have no resistance from the the average Muslim! The Muslim majority does nothing, their silence is deafening!

  5. Parasitic scumbag, yes of course the Jew but I’m talking to this sellout prestitute licking this Hook nose shriveled nut sack

  6. I hope everyone comes to know that Almighty God ( not allah , mohammad,or pope), has a promise that those who curse Israel and the Jewish people will be cursed and those who bless them will be blessed! Also that everyone gets to hear the wonderful truth of salvation that anyone can be saved from their sins and judgement by grace through faith in the shed precious blood of Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for our sins and judgement. It’s all about what Jesus Christ did and not anything that we can do to earn salvation from our sins and hell. 1COR 15:1-4. Jesus Christ paid it all for us and Jesus is the only begotten Son of of the Living God! Come to Almighty God (not allah or pope) with a repentant heart and trust on the Lord Jesus Christ and what He did on the cross for our sins and judgement. Perilous times and judgement soon 🙏. Quran and pope are false. King James Bible wonderful and perfect.

  7. Sean has a line in his hair from the little Jew hat they made him wear before the interview. Israel is a enemy of THE WORLD.

  8. Man. He’s right. there are so many nuances to this issue that cannot be easily fixed. The Palestinian authorities celebrate martyrs and indoctrinate their children from birth to hate all who have different views. its a culture of hate that’s generational. That radical ideology rains supreme over all mislims over there. I can’t imagine their daily life with that constant threat over you. God Bless Israel and the Israeli people. Hopefully BB and Trump can get back on track.

  9. Israel says Palestine lie. Palestine says Israel lie. The problem keeps on forever, both sides will never live in peace. Somebody must stop the lying and come out with a fair and honest solution for both sides. You cannot make any progress or prosperity under hatred and distrust each other when you live side by side. By the way, nobody will believe neither one of you guys story anyway. People would more likely believe Palestine than the Jews/Israel. Why? 6 millions Jews died in Gas Chamber was a hoax without any scientific evidences of any Gas Chambers cremation. That’s why.

  10. The Israelis should be carrying more small arms. Could have snuffed that out in half the time.

  11. Why do we need to support Israel again? I bet nobody can give a factual answer except the usual platitudes ” they are a democracy, they are god’a choosen people, it’s our moral duty blahblahblah”. Wake up America.

  12. When will we stop defending Israel? Why do we have to? When are we going to fix our crumbling infrastructure?

  13. Muslims can’t get along with themselves or anyone else. Different sects of Islam kill each other every day. As long as there is Islam there will be no peace. Also archeology consistently backs up the fact that Israel existed long before Islam was ever thought of. Muslims cause havoc in the world in the name of one of the newest religions in the world. What fools they are.

  14. How many children have Israeli forces killed to date? How many homes have they destroyed on land that does not belong to them? American tax payers a funding another nation to carry out these atrocities.

  15. Hannity are you going to have a balanced show and give a Palestinian point of view? If not then this is simple propaganda with no journalistic merits. Hannity is a sell out to America.

  16. Not more misdirection. Israel is an apartheid state. Stop this rubbish and focus some major issues like The USA continued funding and arming of terrorist groups, supporting and selling arms to despot governments like Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and interference in sovereign states. Sorry but if a population is forcibly removed from their homes, have their houses destroyed, their livelihoods crushed and forced to live in city sized jails they are entitled to fight back in any way possible
    War is abhorrent so when is the media going to get that and start holding governments to account.

  17. Yet another amoral media personality spouting a constant drivel of misdirection. How about covering the incentives and rewards, offered by the Israeli government and some NGO’s for Jewish immigrants to Palestine(Israel) and local Jews to go forth, occupy and build on Palestinian land.

  18. No one will be killed, humiliated and punished in a worse way than you redneck hillbilly polytheist crossworshippers when the day comes and you are caught. You will be crucified on cursed crosses and be made to taste that human sacrifice religion you call love and salvation while your polytheist women will be sold into slavery. It is a promise that killing you will be the most joyous thing to do. What you’ve done will never be forgiven or forgotten for being the slave of our eternal enemy the jew, and your grand children in the future will have to pay the price.

  19. Terror only works if you make a big deal about it.
    It’s supposed to stiffle you psychologically.

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