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Free tuition as reparations for black students?

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Student government at Western Kentucky University votes to give black students free tuition as reparations for slavery. Tucker talks to student who co-authored the resolution

50 thoughts on “Free tuition as reparations for black students?

  1. You are an American citizen. THAT is your reparation. If that’s not enough, move to Africa. See how you like their society! IF you were never a slave, you will never get reparations. Get over it!

  2. No Black American will ever get over it because it still exist. You can say the Jews this and that, however, that’s not American history. Think.

  3. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. This BS NEVER Ends. I want reparations for having to listen to all the blaming that African Americans have been doing over the last 100 years.
    How many GENERATIONS of African Americans should be given reparations GENIUS? You were NOT AFFECTED by slavery. Your Ancestors may have been but NOT YOU. So until reparations are made (which should be NEVER) then this IDIOT apparently believes her – her child – her grandchild, and ALL FUTURE Grandchildren DESERVE reparations???????? This is the reason our country is failing MISERABLY. IDIOTS LIKE THIS. The US Government should PAY $100.00 US dollars to each DIRECT descendent – meaning anyone over the age of 75 or the next surviving descendent. Period – and END ALL THIS FUTURE REPARATIONS TALK ONCE AND FOR ALL.

  4. bullshit most of them are already on government assistance and now free college what a waste of money most don’t like to work anyway

  5. I think she did a good job speaking and representing her viewpoint. Definitely is an interesting conversation to have — given the fact that many people in our country are held back due to stuff that happened long ago.

  6. After bringing black people over here unwilling and treating them like shit for hundreds of years….you bastards should do something. For some reason white people want to hold everyone else accountable for their wrong doings but don’t want to be held accountable for their wrong doings. FUCK reparations….i rather see this bitch get NUKED.

  7. No one owes Blacks a red cent. Reparations are nonsense. Get on with life. Every group of immigrants have faced discrimination.

  8. African Americans are
    always pushing the slavery
    victim card. Meanwhile the African American homicide
    arrest rate is through the roof.

  9. we want reperations !!!! Irish!! Jews!! Chinese!! give a break fatso!!! you already milked the welfare system of all the foodies!!

  10. I rather see their red blood flowing thru the streets if Amerikkka than getting that green fiat currency thats declining anyway.

  11. Slavery never built America, the slavery that built America was destroyed by Tecumseh Sherman. Then American rebuilt America with the factories of the North

  12. Just about every race has been subject to slavery. I think the reparations to all parties will cancel each other out. Now lets all just put our noses to the grind stone and work for what we expect to have in life.

  13. Fuck off back to Africa you filthy monkeys. You owe the rest of the world for baby sitting your fucking savage asses.

  14. Your ancestors already got their reparations, current Black people were never slaves so you’re owed shit, nothing.

  15. My ancestors died fighting to free them. .So…..I’ll pull out that card. Affirmative Action is alive and well. In this day and age,ANYONE can go to college. The disparity comes in with low grades and not wanting an education. Get over it. Get a loan like everyone else has to.

  16. Honestly who ever wants reparations deserves a bullet, since they are unwilling to take responsibility for their own lives.

  17. REPARATIONS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!, nobody alive in the last 50+ years was a slave so you get no special treatment, earn it like everyone else! your nobody special black , white, red etc. !

  18. Reparations for what?!? Nothing has happened to you you frickin moron! You do realize blacks weren’t the only slaves on this Earth, right? Slavery has happened throughout history, nobody else still whines about it. And in case you need another history lesson, you know that whites died by the hundreds of thousands to end black slavery in America, don’t you? You also do not realize that blacks/african americans have a better opportunity for success in America than any predominately black country. I love the leftists morons that constantly just want stuff handed to them without working or paying for it.

  19. You ain’t getting nothing you fat ugly lazy bitch! You are owed nothing and you make your ancestors ashamed of you!

  20. black culture is a stifled victim culture. fix your community’s issues and stop blaming others. everyone has challenges to overcome in life.

  21. Does an extraordinary talent or high IQ play into whether a person should be given free tuition to higher education? If not, it might as well be a good trade school. Probably a better choice anyway. Unless you’d really rather be indoctrinated with, “be quite, stop talking, and obey.”

  22. what about a white great great grandfather was born in South Africa and was forced to come here as an indentured servant (slave). doesn’t that make his relatives African Americans? And do they deserve these benefits too?

  23. Reparations for sh*t in the past that none of us had anything to do with … More gimme gimme gimme. Isn’t it enough that Hollywood sucks up to you and does the black man with white girl over and over to try and sell it as something we must all do …

  24. I’m 100% behind this, as long as all Blacks who aren’t going to college pay 100% of tuition for their black bros and sistas.

    And we all know that ain’t gonna happen. LOL fuck them!

  25. So lets bump off other races (other than whites) from schools who had nothing to do with slavery in America?

  26. So what about the black slave owners….do their black descendants have to pay reparations also?

  27. These idiots need to be gone.. WTF … They cant even read or write much less talk so why would we even think of such a thing.#ConstitutionalCarry

  28. White people were slaves too, so maybe we could also give them free college tuition. Irish were treated poorly as well so we should give them free tuition also.

  29. a load of crap….how does she keep a straight face, whilist, spewing such nonsensical rhetoric?

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