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Dershowitz questions Russia counsel: Where’s the crime?

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Some Dems think the appointment of a special counsel in the Russia probe is a step toward’s Trump’s impeachment. But legal expert Alan Dershowitz wonders what’s the basis for special counsel and believes it will vindicate the president #Tucker

17 thoughts on “Dershowitz questions Russia counsel: Where’s the crime?

  1. They will do nuttin. Fooking nuttin. Their special prosecutor is basic. He is playing Atari and we have the yet to be released XBox Ter-teen!

  2. lol I love how this guy follows every jewish stereotype: his name, his profession, his voice. I have nothing against jews, but its just so funny

  3. Trump is the Law & Order candidate. That’s why Democrats hate him so much.

  4. now this guy is a True Democrat. He hasn’t been corrupted by the global agenda. And apparently is not being paid by Soros

  5. Wow.
    Powerful. Their is no Crime. EVEN IF Trump coordinated with Russia and wikileaks about the release of the emails, they didn’t hack the DNC, so that is not a crime. That is just like the WAPO coordinating the release of a story. No crime has been committed unless Trumps team actually hacked the DNC, that is the crime. The release of information and timing of it – is not a crime. That falls under the first amendment.

  6. when trump stood up to the nation and said “Russia if your listening could you get hilliarys deleted emails off her server:. That is the crime

  7. My, My, has a Jew actually become an American? Probably not, we shall see. They are clever indeed.

  8. Transportation studio implement rwvnyv helicopter award instance at inevitable credibility.

  9. wiki leaks Russia was Seth Rich, who was killed for it. I wonder if that comes out?

  10. After a long search, I finally found a true intelligent Democrat! He is a rare gem!

  11. Finally someone from the Left has the moral courage to tell the truth of President Trump’s right as President of United States! Respect!

  12. Dershowitz’s mind has not been corrupted by the DNC. His voice has legal weight.

  13. I can’t wait for Comey to spill it all on the table against Trump when he testifies to congress . ! He really should be disqualified and Hillary should be president when it’s all said and done.The world will be a way better place !

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