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Are Dems alienating their base?

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Even Dems like Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is worried Dems are failing to connect with middle class Americans and are increasingly alienating its base with table-pounding politics. Former presidential candidate Jim Webb sounds off #Tucker

15 thoughts on “Are Dems alienating their base?

  1. The Republicans will find themselves in the same position if they can’t manage to repeal Obamacare, build a wall, and deport millions of illegals. Enough of this insanity!

  2. Democrats have become a dirge on society and need to have a solid reminder of their divissisive nature and how we are fed up with their blatant disregard for its citizens!!

  3. Their base are socialist bernie supporters who got cheated by the dnc. What do you think?

  4. How can anyone be confirmed with all the socialists democraps holding up the process. Democraps are harming our country!

  5. no matter who Trump wants to appoint to his cabinet the Democrats fight him and oppose him tooth and nail.

  6. The Democrats true colors of who they really are and how they think we’re revealed in the last election through wikileaks. no recovery from that in my opinion.

  7. DUMBocrat base = PC/SJW libtards, niggers, illegal immigrants, goat fuckers and snowflakes. And there is a lot of them, because if it hadn’t been for the founding fathers’ wisdom of the electoral college, those parasites would have won the presidency.

  8. Unfortunately they have no where to go. You become a Democrat because you have already burnt the bridges to Reality/Morality behind you. “Forward’, like Obama has said, doubling down on it all, is the only avenue open to then now. To do anything else would be to admit error. Serious error, God forbid.

  9. Rahm Emmanuel is a slimy weasel. He acts like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth while he hands millions to his pals and lets gangs slaughter citizens in the streets of Chicago every day.

  10. Yes, Dems are ruining progress and we are “sick” of their obstruction. Health Care “Obama crap” was bogus! Taxes are awful and Comey was A traitor and very suspicious lier.

  11. Yes. They totally are. Hillary and DWS cheated Bernie in the primaries and I fucking hate them for it.

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