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What Human Body Part Is Most Nutritious To Eat?

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Only some of our ancient ancestors were cannibalistic, and a new study sheds light onto why more of them didn’t eat other humans.

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Cannibalism Was Practiced in Prehistoric Britain:

Assessing the caloric significance of episodes of human cannibalism in the Paleolithic:

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Ancient Cannibals Didn’t Eat Just For The Calories, Study Suggests:

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  2. dude u didnt answer the question u didnt tell us what the body that is most nutritious to eat

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  5. I’ll be sure and pass this info on the cannibals in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Maybe I’ll have an update for you.

  6. What if humans had a higher nutritional value than any other organism?
    Still eating humans would be gross. I mean, who’d like to eat their grandpa?

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    “Lets teach our viewers which body part to eat when they want to just take a bite off of someone”
    -10/10 IGN

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  12. Why all the dislikes? It’s not like they’re saying to go eat people, it’s just interesting information about a study.

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