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This Is Why Some People Have Extra Nipples

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Having an extra nipple is actually considered to be common and is the result of a slight variation that starts during embryonic development.

Think You’re ‘Double-Jointed’? You’re Not. Here’s What’s Actually Going On –
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The Truth About Extra Nipples

“The first formal description of the condition was made in a German scientific journal in 1878 by a researcher called Leichtenstern. He estimated that around one in 500 humans, or 0.2%, have “supernumerary nipples” – that is, a number of nipples greater than two.”

Why Do Nipples Get Hard?

“Researchers were studying the sympathetic nervous system, which is mostly known for triggering the fight-or-flight response, but is actually behind several biological mysteries, including pruney fingers. While experimenting with mice, the scientists followed nerves from the spinal cord to where they connect to other structures like the blood vessels, muscles, and yes, nipples.”

Why Do Men Have Nipples?

“If both men and women have nipples, why don’t men also produce milk and breastfeed? It’s a question that’s been on all our minds, leading Laci to once and for all explain the reason for male nipples.”


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