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Storing the Sun’s Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

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Researchers have just found two new ways to make solar power more efficient. Could this solve our energy crisis?

These Massive Geoengineering Projects Won’t Stop Global Warming –
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The American Solar Industry Had a Historic Year

“America’s solar industry is booming, showing its biggest growth ever in 2016, and it appears set to break additional records in the years ahead, according to a new industry report. The solar sector nearly doubled the amount of solar power installed last year compared to 2015, GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association said in their annual analysis of the US solar sector. Indeed, more solar power was added last year to the nation’s electricity grid than any other source of energy – a milestone for the burgeoning industry.”

Liquid storage of solar energy – more effective than ever before

“Many consider the sun the energy source of the future. But one challenge is that it is difficult to store solar energy and deliver the energy ‘on demand”. A research team from Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, has shown that it is possible to convert the solar energy directly into energy stored in the bonds of a chemical fluid – a so-called molecular solar thermal system. The liquid chemical makes it possible to store and transport the stored solar energy and release it on demand, with full recovery of the storage medium.”

Make perovskite solar cells stable

“The hunt is on to find a cheap and safe solar-cell technology. Crystalline silicon is the basis for 90% of commercial photovoltaic devices, which use semiconductors to convert light into electricity. But silicon photovoltaics are still expensive to process, their manufacture produces toxic by-products and they are cumbersome to install. Perovskites could be a game-changer.”


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50 thoughts on “Storing the Sun’s Energy in Liquid Could Change Solar Forever

  1. **this channel research each time looks more dumb and Inaccurate **

    First: solar panels are already cheaper than any fossil energy, even vs any thermal energy (where do you get your info? from 5 years back?)

    Second: storage energy in thermal is a bad idea, anything with thermal is a bad idea, that is why any thermal energy generation cost way more than wind and solar today, even solar thermal towers that only use mirrors to produce heat and then energy, are 3 times more expensive than simple solar cells. The same happen with nuclear or fossil fuel generation and the same will happen with fusion in the future.

    Third: the best option to store energy is hydrogen, electrolysis cost is dropping a lot each year and you have no limit of storage, you can store energy by months at thousands of TWh. You can produce when the energy is in its cheaper price and use it in the heat sector and transport sector, you can use the same natural gas grid system to distritbute hydrogen using special filters.

  2. Miniverse inside Battery, fueled by the people that live inside the battery world, and think Rick Sanchez is a God.

  3. What about the Aerial Engine Generator which takes electricity out of the air around us and stores it in capacitors for use later???

    Also, there is the Biomass Generator where biomass is stored in a chamber, it creates gas and this gas apparently causes air flow which drives a turbine or alternator or generator????

    I bought the plans for both online, however, have not built them yet.

  4. We cold have free Elecrticity 100 y ago.Butt we wont have that in next 400 yrs cos.,There is no economic prosperity for someone….

  5. It may not be 100% green but the Scuderi engine has some nice technology to it. It’s split cycle and a compression engine. Every time you brake it stores air and runs off of that as soon as you start driving again so it’s like an air hybrid. However, instead off exhausting the gasoline fumes, it compresses and reuses them. So, it has close to no emissions and also runs at what will be the highest efficiency recorded. Therefore, it will more than triple the gas mileage of the average car today but remarkably more than double the horsepower due to off speed firing of pistons as well (which actually helps the engine even though it’s ‘bad practice’) Also, their generators can take 1MW of energy off the grid and double it overnight due to advanced energy storing.

    This is my favorite new tech in the forked of energy (they also have solar and electric plans but Tesla is far ahead of them in the realm of electric)

  6. Great idea! Like what was said, progress! How about briefing on the the infinityPV foil? They are printed organic solar cells that look like they roll up well.

  7. And what about using literally simple water to store energy ?
    You probably already know that Dams are giant batteries, pumping water in them to store potential energy and then opening the dam valves later to change it into kinetic and then electric energy.
    But what about just putting a citern on your roof pumping water in it the day and starting a small turbine after a two (or more in buildings) meters falls.
    Do you think that would work?

  8. Also, the new TESLA panels and batteries that are supposed to be so much more efficient.

  9. what will happen if the sun disappears suddenly ,how will it affect earth’s revolution

  10. HEY WORLD GOVERNMENT!!! watch some of deez vids and make this kind of science cause we wont be able to do shiz when were underwater

  11. thorium reactors

    but seriously though whats up with airline food? you sit down try to eat and get the hell beat out of you by police for no reason.

  12. Has anyone seen “Unacknowledged”?  I’m getting the book.  But supposedly, they have had this technology for a long time but the oil companies are suppressing it.

  13. the only problem we have are the rich not wanting to move forward. batteries are not expensive. If we stop giving the oil industry incentives batteries would seem like a crunch bar. seems like you guys are advertising for the oil industry. not surprising, given your funders

  14. how about nuclear fusion reactor. i mean it’s still Disney Land but hey wasn’t smartphones’ a foolish dream too?
    for the record i commented this via smartphone…

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