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Video shows student dragged by neck

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Surveillance video captured a school employee lifting a 13-year-old by the neck and dragging him through the hall.

48 thoughts on “Video shows student dragged by neck

  1. “Behavioral Specialist my a**. If the boy walks out multiple times suspend him or sent him to another school but to put your hands Around a students neck is WRONG !
    Write him up -cal parents have him removed.

  2. Assuming the teacher is telling the truth, if that was my son acting that way I would not press charges and instead shake his hand. A kid telling an adult to “go F yourself” is not acceptable.

  3. Obviously not good at his job if he’s choking kids. Any douche on the street can do that.

  4. Outrageous of this man to do this. That is not called for. This kid could have suffered spinal damage. I can’t believe the lawyer’s statement. What an absolute idiot!

  5. What the boy grades looks like is what I want to know?
    Is the kid on a college level? –He’s getting ready to skip High School and enter college or something? What?

  6. I never saw the American people like this before, I’ve been living here since 1999 and NEVER things were that bad. GOD DAMN IDIOT TRUMP and his campaign of hate put everyone on the edge, people are just pissed and charged with hate. You rarely see people smile nowadays.

  7. I wouldn’t blame the guy everybody has their limits these cheeky little fuckers would drive anybody to the point of madness

  8. Just let the kid grow up to be a thug with no discipline that’s the politically correct way look at Chicago’s inner cities for just one example I want to see what this kid did to deserve this I went to the public schools in New York and know how evil kids can be an 13 especially when they grow up in a house full of single mothers on welfare that is why our ghettos are full of single mothers with weaves and manicured nails on welfare while their kids are running wild in the streets

  9. My father back in the day always used to say to me if you are big enough to talk crap then you are big enough to get hit.

  10. You don’t put your hands on a child. He’s a fucking kid. Sure maybe he was being an idiot, but you don’t put your hands on him. Be the adult, if you can’t then call for someone else. If you are pushed to that level of violence you need to extract yourself and get another adult, behavioral science 101.

  11. That’s nothing compared to what teachers were allowed to do to kids in school for discipline back in the day. If kids were being mouthy or rude in any way, they’d have a ruler harshly whacked across the arms or backside until they’ve thoroughly learned their lesson. This world’s gone soft with how much power teachers have over schoolchildren unfortunately, and that’s not a good thing neither. I’m not sure why that sort of harsh discipline by teachers was stopped, as it was working very well, kept almost all of the kids in schools in check. Now bullies are loving school life in today’s and age because they can get away with so much violence, all they’ll get is a visit to the headmasters office, or being sent home.

  12. We need God’s kingdom ASAP..everyone thinks this treatment is acceptable because the young man is black. If this kid where white you would be forming a lynch mob. How ridiculous never acceptable to assault a kid!!!! Or anyone you ignorant cowards.

  13. Surely it is not grabbed him by the throat without reason, many adolescent seventh and eighth grades are very rude to the girls, every other word is fuck it, fuck this, they should be disciplined hook or by crook!

  14. We need more men like this in the school system to keep these out of control kids in line. I wish this man all the best.

  15. Now his parents that didn’t educate this kid on respect will get rich from this lawsuit. :/

  16. Don’t go to school if you are going to act the cunt and disrupt others who want to learn.

  17. that’s what these fuckers need. can you imagine when these pieces of shit grow up and have kids? their kids will be worse. man the fuck up, fucking snowflakes.

  18. That kid was a problem before, now that the kid has been empowered he is uncontrollable. The student is now destined to a life of crime and incarceration. Good job you snowflakes that outlawed corporal punishment.

  19. Another exciting episode of “Skoo Ubs Choits”. Tune in everyday for more mayhem as they try to adjust to normal rules of behavior..

  20. CNN creates way too much violence with all their divisive rhetoric and conspiracy stories. They’re always on some sort of witch hunt and trying to conspire to inspire riots. We all know there’s too much fatherlessness in the black community.

  21. look at all these evil demons defending this brute in the comments. i hope none of you fucks ever have children because, guess what? they say inappropriate things and they deserve to be corrected, not dragged by the fucking neck. what is WRONG with you people?

  22. Don’t worry they’ll figure out some way to blame “whitey”so blacks don’t have to take responsibility for their actions,just wait.

  23. Welll sorry yeah he um choked him…didn’t look good….but at the same time damn these kids are out of freaking control today…still don’t make it ok, but something has to be done

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