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Terror attack rocks Paris ahead of presidential election

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CNN’s Melissa Bell reports on an attack on French police just days before the presidential election.

23 thoughts on “Terror attack rocks Paris ahead of presidential election

  1. Nationalism spreads hate/divisiveness and is a recruitment tool for more ISIS fighters!
    Peace not War!!

  2. This is exactly why Hillary Clinton is not president.. America is back. #AMERICAFIRST #MAGA

  3. What! Religion sucks again. Why would the west want the religious immigrants, refugees and migrant workers. Hasn’t Europe suffered enough with the Christofascists of the past?
    Religion also leads to extremism because people get brainwashed thinking they are special and better than others. I don’t want religious people coming to my country… they are dangerous lunatics. The muslims might be even crazier than everyone else because they warship 5-10 times a day. It is brainwashing period. Why do our governments insist on cramming our cultures together? East is East ,West is West, never the twain shall meet. I respect all peoples but I do not respect religions because they are all manipulation.

  4. i don’t want to speak of this, but history is witness, that cases like this increase the inevitably of a french civil war

  5. how about pulling your head out of your ass and kick the muslims out? Islam is not a religion, it’s like fucking communism! An ideology. Change your constitution and ban Islam. Also round up the fucking muslims and deport them. You don’t see this shit happening in countries where there are no muslims, do you. and also while you are at it put in jail all the fucking traitors who let these fucking scumbags get into your country in the first place!

  6. If only everyone was as peaceful as an Islamic Terrorist. What a magical place this world would be if we only listened to those on the Left. The thirld world country that could be ours is mere refugees away from reality…

  7. Goddamnit it happened again. What are we going to do? I know let’s bring in more Muslims.

  8. they let the terrorists in, they gave the terrorists campsites, now they have to pay the price for the politically correct decisions. france is stupid now, so is germany and sweden. england is stupid now also to some degree.

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