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Sources: Russians bragged about using Flynn to influence

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Russian officials bragged in conversations during the presidential campaign that they had cultivated a strong relationship with former Trump adviser retired Gen. Michael Flynn and believed they could use him to influence Donald Trump and his team, sources told CNN.

49 thoughts on “Sources: Russians bragged about using Flynn to influence

  1. Sources say… honestly “sources” means question the authenticity of what we are reporting.

  2. Trump needs to get rid of the obama hold overs. the spin to many B.s. stories

  3. This is the most corrupt administration this country has ever had in office.
    We need to flush the toilet on all of them and start over..

  4. CNN IS propaganda were IS the beef you’ll never see it, πŸ’‘X22 Report U TUB not fakeπŸ†πŸ₯‡

  5. Ya, but the only problem is that often wrong, I mean CNN says things that are not true so often that no one will care what you report.

  6. counterfeit news network you have no evidence your just a bunch of fatmouths.

  7. CNN will do anything to just through out lies after lies and then they get upset when people call them FAKE NEWS.

    Here is an idea, stop fucking throwing out bullshit and people will stop calling you FAKE NEWS! πŸ™‚

  8. Dear CNN, MSNBC and all other

    Stop saying things like Sources… Sources this, Sources that.. this is the type of rhetoric that got trump elected in the first place. Speaking on behalf of the rest of the public at large…. we don’t care about sources… Name the sources or stop giving trump supporters more reasons to support him. The masses don’t care about Sources.

  9. I’m from Turkey, living in the US and hoping to get H1B. The night Trump got elected I was extremely sad about my chances to get a job in tech industry and all that muslim registry talks ( even though I am not muslim). That was until I read about Flynn. TWO DAYS AFTER THE ELECTION. There were already dozens of articles and videos about Flynn lobbying for Turkey, some dating a year before the election. It is BS that this is all news to Trump team. It cannot be as it wasn’t to an international student in a studio apartment in San Diego…Everybody in Turkey were rooting for Trump because of the possibility of Flynn being a part of his administration.

  10. as the noose tightens, the anguished cries of the Trumpbois grow ever more insistent as their world is ripped apart

  11. I can’t wait to see Flynn being screwed in PRISON! We don’t like SPYS! You finally got caught! 😘 Little Man!

  12. Democrats and Republicans suck each other’s dicks all political parties suck dick they’re all child rapist all parties need to be eliminated they’re all scum of the Earth

  13. in the meantime, trump romancing he camel in the arabian desert, good luck with that cry baby…..dont cry again saying that the camels and the goats mistreated you….like no other american president in history….puh!

  14. All you butthurt democrats are so sore after your goddess Hillary Clinton, the most corrupt candidate in US history, lost the
    election. Now you are acting like little children having a hissy fit saying that he was colluding with the Russians. Go back to the insane asylum and put on your tin foil hats, you retards…

  15. duh there laughing at us every time they turn on the TV watch the man child dance

  16. Trump will go to his grave denying responsibility for anything…. hopefully that grave will be behind a federal prison.

  17. Even if Russia said and believed this, it doesn’t mean Flynn wasn’t building trust with Russia as a counter-intelligence strategy. No one has any idea what the truth is regarding what’s going on behind the scenes because of the nature of the intelligence game; although I seriously doubt that a retired general like Flynn was legitimately colluding with the Russians.

  18. Sources: Hillary used to suck Michelle obama dick in the oval office.
    *spread the word*

  19. as soon as trump signed his security paperwork his finacial were known .taxes and all .5 years federal prison at min.treason possible?

  20. Sources??? LMFAO no evidence! CNN is colluding with Russians since they know so much about what Russians said behind closed doors. NO EVIDENCE OF COLLUSION! tRUMP CAN’T FART WITHOUT IT BEING LEAKED

  21. Who is the yellow birdie that is about to sing about all the goings on in the white house we need to start take bets as to who that singer is $$$$$ Rattonge

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