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Saudis open their arms to Donald Trump

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Despite his harsh campaign rhetoric against Islam and past comments linking Saudi Arabia to the 9/11 terror attacks, Saudis appear hopeful as President Donald Trump visits their country. CNN’s Nic Robertson reports.

50 thoughts on “Saudis open their arms to Donald Trump

  1. Thank god this is democratic allies with no connection to American politician and not the evil Russian.

  2. And trump turns around spreads his cheeks and gets fucked by the king while all of the princes fuck that orange whore

  3. Saudis have the history of licking any American president cock, regardless of american policy. Saudis will do whatever is in their power to maintain whoever can guarantee the security status quo of the Saudi dynasty and curbing of Iran military muscles.

  4. Why are we allowing the Orange Sac O’shit to leave the country?
    Isn’t he the focus of at least 3 different Federal investigations?

  5. Just like Obama was welcomed with open arms! Except Trump has balls and won’t bow like a little bitch like Obama did.

  6. This is basically right before Trump F’s it all up by saying stupid things. Stay tuned…

  7. I’m honestly surprise that CNN showed this clip since it wasn’t an outright bashing of Trump.

  8. I can’t even understand how this fucker Trump put his hand with these motherfuckers killers!! The land of devil and evil where the Qaida and ISIS and all the radicals whahabis came from!!!!

  9. What a waste of tax payer money. Trump is going to be impeached very soon, whats the point of all of this?

  10. that dogs!!! that dogs are cutting the the head of Cristhianity in Great Lebanon…USA support the expantion of the Whaabism Salaphism in the Planeth specialy in the West..

  11. Some Muslims are cool and all, but Islam is a terrible fucking cancer. Hate to say it but it’s true.

  12. They love hilda beast money more ๐Ÿ–•๐Ÿปall you democrat two face fucks

  13. They’ll cut off some hands and heads to make a good show for the First Couple. Stone an adulterous woman. Transfer a billion or two to Ivanka and the boys to demonstrate loyalty. What a fine country to have as an ally.

  14. You fake news jokes. Comey testified before Congress on May 3 after the February fake memo you all have been reporting on saying in his experience he has not been told by or influenced by Trump to end any investigation. Also the Washington Post fake memo about Trump leaking classified info to Russia was shut down by NSA director McMaster who said the only thing discussed with the Russian minister was airport security and terrorism. That won’t stop Certainly Not News, CNN though.

  15. Trump don’t go it’s really a trap to wipe out the entire presidential line in a way that will cause a world war 3

  16. Well the Saudi International activities hall was hit by a missile a few hours ago. No red carpet for Trump ๐Ÿ˜‚

  17. wondering how much money America is paying Saudi Arabia to ‘like’ him… looks like the money for that wall is dwindling fast

  18. Im sorry but u just can’t tell me those women want to wear those clothes, i mean come on, is it not just a little bit ridiculous. like seriously now.

  19. The heart of Islam? They should open their arms for refugees bombed out of their own countries by the Americans.

  20. 0:23 How is this guy still alive living in Saudi Arabia? Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  21. The oligarch Monarchs are happy with Trump!!.
    The MoneyLORD are on the path of self-indulgent self enrichment and securing their self-interest . F**k the dying, invaded, Poorly , struggling, entrusted suffering ordinary people of Muslim’s countries around the Globe.

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