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NYT reporter: Trump joked about Russia ties

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New York Times reporter Matthew Rosenberg says that in addition to telling the Russian ambassador that James Comey was a “nut job,” President Trump also joked about Russia’s alleged ties to members of his campaign.

39 thoughts on “NYT reporter: Trump joked about Russia ties

  1. Hey, CNN, thanks for putting in such a high degree of effort from your “stellar” reporting on still trying to win the election for the 100% wiped out democratic party.  Keep up the good work kids.

  2. CNN a Deep state Propaganda operation. If you think these people at CNN are doing honest reporting then let me sell you the Golden Gate Bridge, No I am not a Trump fan but these people are LIARS.

  3. Why are there so many Russian bots in these comments spamming every video? Damn get the fuck outta here

  4. How long till the Russian Trolls start thumbs down? not gonna be long Putins crew will be in here.

  5. Who cares about a joke. Russia wasn’t even at all involved with the u.s. All liberals are saying trump is controled by the russians because they just cant accept that hillary lost and he is president

  6. this is fake news bullshit. If you can’t see through this crap your watching too much TV


  8. HAHA Trump is a F*cking SAVAGE, he don’t give a sh*t about what the demofags say, y’all can’t shut him up.

  9. I’m still gonna hang all of you CRIMINAL PEDOPHILES on the White House front lawn!!! Seriously! I’m not even kidding! I work for GOD ALMIGHTY! This has to be done! 🎶

  10. You fake news jokes. Comey testified before Congress on May 3 after the February fake memo you all have been reporting on saying in his experience he has not been told by or influenced by Trump to end any investigation. Also the Washington Post fake memo about Trump leaking classified info to Russia was shut down by NSA director McMaster who said the only thing discussed with the Russian minister was airport security and terrorism. That won’t stop Certainly Not New, CNN though.

  11. the FBI spie the President of USA in a meeting with a foreign minister !!!??…Russia !!! in White House!!! …FBI to spie Trump must have authorization of the Army!! FBI spie the Comander Supreme of the Army of USA without autorization of the USA Army!!!???

  12. What’s with this 24/7 trump bashing there are other things going on in the world, Palestine, Climate Change, Syria, Drug War and crumbling U.S. infrastructure, stop talking shit about trump! The media is meant to report the news not have a opinion and god forbid political bias.

  13. A female acquaintance of mine told me that this male reporter called her the B word. Now, should CNN fire this male reporter based on this here say? I say “here say” because this comment cannot be proven to be true. He said, she said is not truth or news. It is gossip and very likely slander. Now, the answer is to my question is “no”, this CNN reporter should not be held accountable or fired based on here say. Fact is, I made the above accusation up just to make a point about here say and point out what appears to be going on at CNN and their so-called sources. These smear campaigns based in no fact or true evidence whatsoever should result in this reporter being fired. But everyone at CNN is slandering Trump. This is not news! This is slander! And it has been going on long enough for Trump supporters to be justified in filing lawsuit against CNN for colluding with corrupt Democrats to undermine the results of the 2016 Presidential election. New networks do not have a right to slander people! Their job as reporters is to report the news not undermine our democracy! You are doing what you accuse Russia of! But Russia didn’t hack DNC emails and give them to Wiki leaks. Seth Rich did looks to have been The Who did that and obviously he was murdered as a result. And who put that hit on him? Ask Hillary!

  14. I swear this is all gonna be on that Tru TV show “Worlds Dumbest” one day. I put $5 on that lol

  15. still zero factual evidence. the liberals source of information is the ny times. hahahahahaha. what a joke.

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