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Late night hosts skewer O’Reilly’s departure

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Late night hosts say farewell to former Fox News mainstay Bill O’Reilly. CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports on the scathing sendoffs.

15 thoughts on “Late night hosts skewer O’Reilly’s departure

  1. Hey, don’t talk bad about Big Bill. He’s buddies with Donald. They both love grabbing that pussy!!

  2. Thanks CNN, my respect for Bill O’Reilly just got a little bit stronger. The biggest balls in the business.

  3. Roger Ailes, Bill O”Reilly, and  Robert J. Bentley all conservative Christian men, taken down by sex scandals in a month. Anyone notice a pattern here?

  4. There once was a fellow O’Reilly,
    Who did not express himself shyly,
    He became an embarrassment,
    Because of his harassment,
    Perhaps it should all go to Trially.

  5. you dumb people really believd he got fired it was probably his time to enjoy his illuminatic riches

  6. What is it with guy’s named Bill?? Bill O’Reilly sexually harassed woman and Bill Clinton raped women.

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