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Friend: James Comey tried to avoid Trump

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Benjamin Wittes, a friend of James Comey, says the former FBI director made attempts to keep his distance with President Trump. CNN’s Brian Todd reports.

22 thoughts on “Friend: James Comey tried to avoid Trump

  1. fucking globalist lamestream media… good thing you all will be broke in a few years 🙂

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    Not even other Republicans want to shake this evil man’s hand lol Dump The Trump down the toilet and flush. Orange turds should be in the sewer system and not in the White House. #Facts

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  5. Comey kept his distance becAuse he Didn’t want to get assaulted by the #GroaperInChief

  6. How the fuck could you avoid the tallest guy in the room FFS he’s the size of a tree and standing directly opposite you trying to blend in with the curtain’s lol good luck with that Buddy instant failure.

  7. trump may not know “better” but he should not be in the White House if he doesn’t.

  8. And if they hugged too close CNN would have accused them of being lovers you just can’t please the fake news

  9. I’m just curious why this was a news story? If there is some kind of investigation or something, or any disharmony, wouldn’t it be best practice to keep these details underwraps until such time as a trial and verdict are reached? I mean, if I’m on the defensive here, and I am aware of the offense’s game plan, my strategy will be to exploit the flaws in their game plan. So why is it that this story is being blasted all over the place? Not just this meet and greet moment, but the whole drama that’s developed here. It seems to me that all this storytelling has become simply that: stories. But there is a major difference between news and a news story. An awkward meet and greet is not a proof that Comey nor Trump were uncomfortable with the presence of the other. This should not stand as evidence of anything other than “filler” because there’s no real news to report on. Fire up your journalist team and do some digging around for real stories, real news, and draft a real report that has actual merit and holds weight. 👎👎

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