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Matthew Goodwin: Populism is here to stay – Viewsnight

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Viewsnight is BBC Newsnight’s place for ideas and debate. Ahead of the French presidential elections, Matthew Goodwin argues that -regardless of the result- support for Marine Le Pen is part of a wider populist movement that is here to stay. More views on the Viewsnight playlist

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6 thoughts on “Matthew Goodwin: Populism is here to stay – Viewsnight

  1. Perhaps it is less about populism and more an awakening across Europe of the risks political Islam brings with it. Poland and Hungary are both rejecting calls from the EU to accept Islamic migrants. The terror attacks wrought by followers of Political Islam will either be the downfall of the liberal/left leaning politicians for those who reject the ideals of Islam or there will be a continuous stream of attacks as we are seeing now.

  2. i hate immigration some people are living in their own community which is kind sucks ,they should be deported back to their country ,these people wont contribute your country ,they just want to take advantage of it , france should set up laws for migrants some of them should be deported , some moron in europe came back from syria ,why not question them ?why not deport them ? human rights ?knock it off !!why sweden has so many black people came from syria ?! i was wondering syria is a black country .

  3. Populism is just a democratic reaction against the authoritarian EU, neoliberalism, Islamization, and mass immigration.

  4. The left is losing because they basically gave up the economic argument in the 80s to focus on social issues like gay marriage, no fault divorce, transgender bathrooms, abortion etc… As it turns out a lot of the people who vote left on economic issues are also actually quite conservative in their social positions, not all though. So what`s happening now is that these `populist`parties in Europe are almost all left wing economically and conservative socially and on issues of culture and identity, a mix I have always said would win. It`s not about populism or this or that, it`s about having a mixture of policies and values that people want to see in government.

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